I used to like cowboy films as a boy. There seemed a plethora of them in the 1970’s, my favourite was the Magnificent 7. I liked the way a team of gunfighters were selected and brought together to fight a common foe and protect the town.

There’s something about gathering a group of talented people together for a specific task and blending their talents together. This is one of the exciting parts of a Headmaster’s job, building the team. Sometimes you are lucky because you inherit great people with potential who can be developed and watching them thrive and take on responsibility is very rewarding. As they ascend their egos are sometimes ruffled, as yours has been on your journey, but this creates space for something new within them. They leave old patterns behind. Sometimes you know of someone or are given a tip off that they are looking for a new challenge. This assembling of the team requires digging into their values and ensuring it fits with the bigger vision.

If the team really thrives it becomes self generating and steps toward better self actualisation; this is freedom within righteous patterns. This current situation is bringing out the best in my team and also opening up new potentialities. I also like very much the manner in which we support each other and the extraordinary love for the boys in their care that they are demonstrating.

It was only years later I realised that The Magnificent 7 was based on a much older tale called the Seven Samurai. These patterns of community and team work are universal as is the theme of good over coming evil. This current dilemma is also showing us new form to express our deep truths - but the truths remain the same!