Personal Endeavour Project

The PEP encourages boys to engage fully in an area of interest or subject that really inspires them and then produce a project on it to increase understanding and proficiency. The key elements to demonstrate are: Creativity, Enterprise, Quality, Utility and Endeavour.

The project can be in any medium for example, written project, film, drawings, building models, CDs, DVDs, PowerPoint presentations. Guidance and help is available from teachers with development of ideas, planning and progress.

The PEP is open to any boy in Years 9 – 11.

This scheme is run as a competition – judged towards the end of the year – and there are substantial cash prizes for the winners.

Entrants in the past have built mini motorcycles and go-carts, moulded and painted figurines, created a stained glass window and ridden a bike from London to Paris.

Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification runs over two years, beginning in Year 12. Like the PEP, they are encouraged to fully explore and engage with a subject which interests them, producing a piece of work and then presenting on their project to a group of peers and teachers.

Boys are assessed on the quality of their produced work and on their presentation skills. Many boys take the opportunity to produce an extended essay – developing much needed skills for their upcoming university life.

Recent entrants include:

  • An exploration of altruism using an extended essay;
  • A look at why the world needs numbers, again using an extended essay, and
  • A technological challenge, with the entrant building a high specification, working computer.

The EPQ (unlike the PEP) leads to an AQA qualification which is broadly equivalent to an AS level.  Universities respect the EPQ and often ask about it in interview.  Occasionally boys who don’t quite get the grades universities ask for are still able to take up a place at least partly because they completed an EPQ.