Student Council

As the elected voice of the student body, the Student Council is given the responsibility of trying to improve the school as best it can. Two representatives are elected by secret ballot from each class and these 26 representatives become the members of the Student Council. From this group of students a further two are elected Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The Student Council meet once per week, looking at issues raised by their peers and working to improve the school, with a focus on certain areas including food, charity and recycling. Importantly, the Council members play a unique and key role in the anti-bullying policy of the school. Along with the Form Masters, the Student Council listens out for incidents of bullying and actively reports and deals with these according to procedures laid out by the school.

Past initiatives of the Student Council include:

  • setting up a Charity Committee which helps to arrange events to raise funds for the school’s charity;
  • petitioning for the purchasing of equipment for use on the Astroturf
  • getting water fountains placed strategically around the school.