The role of Physical Education in the development of each pupil at St James is a vital one and this is reflected both in the allocation of lessons in the timetable and the wide spectrum of sports and sporting activities that are on offer to our pupils.


Our Physical Education programme is designed to encourage pupils to view sport as an integral part of their lives, encompassing leisure, employment, and the long and short term role that exercise has to play in a healthy lifestyle. Sport has a very important place in our national and international culture and as such should form part of any well-developed individual.


The pupils’ physical development at St James is divided into three sections: Physical Literacy, Opportunity and life-long learning.


In the Lower School the programme focuses on ensuring that all pupils have the foundations of  skill and fitness required to play any sport and lead a healthy lifestyle. They focus on a selection of ‘core sports’ including Rugby, Football, Tennis, Cricket, Cross Country and Athletics, allowing them to develop their Physical Literacy.


When the boys start to develop into young men at Year 9, they get the opportunity to participate in any of the 30 sports currently on offer to our pupils. We use expert teachers and coaches to deliver lessons which are vibrant and varied, giving the boys an opportunity to try new things which they may not have experienced before.


As they move through the Upper School and into the Sixth Form, pupils are encouraged to experiment and try out new sports until they find a sport that they love, can be passionate about and can continue to develop long after they have left St James.


The Physical Education Department’s overriding goal is to develop the pupils’ understanding of sport and physical activity to the point where they are ready to take on any challenge at the drop of a hat. Whether it is entering the British Bobsleigh Championships, swimming the Channel or climbing the Alps, our hope is that our pupils leave St James understanding that with the right preparation, they can achieve anything.


School Runnings – St James Boys take on the British Bobsleigh Championships