Life, Leadership and Legacy


Being part of the Sixth Form is very different from the experiences the student have had during their GCSE years. For the first time the boys are given real responsibility for their own education. Firstly the pupils have chosen our Sixth Form to either begin or continue their academic endeavours. The students are expected to attend all lessons, complete all assignments and study independently for each subject they have chosen. Students that fulfil these criteria should expect academic success.

All Sixth Formers are expected to participate fully in St James life. This would include attending lessons in philosophy and music as well as whole school assemblies. Students have a freer timetable in the Sixth Form and are expected to use that time wisely; either studying or helping the school in various activities.


Leading is not simply taking charge of a situation and expecting others to follow. Leadership in St James is about inspiring passion and confidence in others so that everyone participates in developing the school. There are many avenues for our Sixth Formers to demonstrate their leadership qualities, whether by being on the Senior Prefects’ Team, being a school captain, mentoring pupils with meditation or giving guidance in academic subjects. Helping others to achieve the highest goals is the true essence of being a leader.


Each student that enters our Sixth Form is responsible for upholding the virtues upon which St James was founded. These are: Truthfulness, Righteous Action and Integrity. By adhering to these virtues our students will not only fulfil their own potential, but will also inspire other pupils to do the same. When leaving our Sixth Form, these young men will have the necessary qualities to succeed in later life because they will be young men of real calibre, who will not only excel in their chosen path but will also improve the environment in which they are in.