Sixth Form Legacy

Our Sixth Form students embody a range of world views, faiths, backgrounds and most importantly, virtues. Our students are not “produced” nor are they even “born” in a metaphorical sense, so much as nurtured. The individualities of our pupils is celebrated and encouraged; it is the diversity of our pupil body as people that truly demonstrates the concept of oneness in its fullest capacity. Once past trivial labels and small differences it is clear how truly alike we are and how we are part of a wider human family.
It is with this in mind that we encourage our pupils to consider their path throughout the school. Some join us in Year 7. Others join us later. The destination is the same and when our students leave us, it is with the hope that they show their own unique virtues to the world in the spirit of service and that they harness their qualities in the fullest, most meaningful sense. The concept of “service over self” runs through our Sixth Form body, helping all to achieve spiritually and morally fulfilling lives.

We also recognise and celebrate the talents and successes of our pupils in every form and foster the desire to be challenged. Complacency and apathy are overcome through mutual respect and shared victories. On the sporting field, our teams work together in the spirit of brotherhood. In the classroom, laboratory and form room, our students support and push each other to achieve to each individual’s fullest extent. Outside of the curriculum, all demonstrate care, charity and love.

Our aim is a very simple one: it is not to complete a child’s education but to help them to see how learning and service as a process is unending. When a student leaves us, it is in the knowledge that one can lead as well as follow; to stay silent as well as speak out but above all else to embody the core values of human decency, integrity and compassion.

Mr Nic Lempriere
Head of Sixth Form MA PGCE