A series of career lessons are given largely through form tutors in career choice, suitability, entrance criteria and practical skills such as CV writing and interview skills. Different lessons are provided for boys from Years 7-11. Years 12 and 13 receive careers advice, either through assemblies or seminars on different topics and from a variety of speakers.

Work Experience

One week of work experience is compulsory for boys at the start of Year 11 and at the end of Year 12. Work experience introduces the concept of transferable skills, such as the ability to be reliable and punctual, the importance of good communication skills and the necessity of taking initiative. We use the Richmond Education Business Partnership to aid us in this process, but many boys find their own placements in career fields in which they are interested. The boys are also required to write a short reflective exercise on this experience.

Career Interest Testing

We use the Preview Test designed by Cambridge Occupation Analysts Ltd (COA) with the Year 11s to aid them in their choice of A-level subjects. These reports combine interest testing with aptitude and the personal feedback session from a trained COA adviser is a confidence building experience for the boys. Year 12 boys take the Centigrade Tests by COA which have a focus on choosing university courses based on their interests and also include a personal feedback sessions with a trained COA adviser.

Notice Boards / Weekly Newsletter

Notice boards are scattered around the school and are kept up-to-date with relevant events and notices about university open days, guest speakers at the school and extra-curricular courses which may be of interest to students. The weekly newsletter also contains reminders of events and application deadlines for parents.

Careers Forum

This is a joint venture between the Senior Girls’ and Boys’ school and is run on a biennial basis. About 40 speakers representing different careers are invited to speak briefly about their careers and provide some practical advice on study options and job prospects. The students are then able to choose the speakers to whom they would like to listen.

Gadsby Principles

Our programmes are designed to benchmark the 8 Gatsby Principles as required by the government to offer a comprehensive careers and apprenticeship programme to all students from Year7 to Year 11.