The highlight this year is Harry Hewett with grades of A*AA who has been accepted to read Classics at Cambridge University.

There were other excellent individual results with Daniel Goodstein achieving A*AA, Luxshan Mathiy A*BB, Rajiv Chada AAB, Philip Saunders ABB, Rui Bromley A*A*, George Harris AAB and Luke Saunders ABB.

St James Year 13 pupils have achieved a pleasing A*- A rate of 27% and A*- C rate of 85%.

Headmaster David Brazier said, ‘Each year group produces its unique challenges and every pupil has their own individual story to tell. The holistic education we offer produces well-rounded young men with deeply held values who also achieve their potential academically, this is clearly reflected in this years’ cohort. The A levels, since government reforms, are an exacting test of natural ability, directed learning and resilience and particularly so at a non-selective school like St James. We are very proud of all the young men this year and the teachers who have helped them on their journey.’