On the Wednesday night I arrived at school with my father, me in my school uniform that I had rushed home to iron and him in one of his fancy suits. As we approached the main entrance we were greeted by Mr Johnson who shook me and my father’s hand and told us which table we would be sitting on. We then entered the cafeteria, which had been transformed into a beautiful dining hall. Mr Brazier greeted us with more handshakes and a warm and welcoming smile; we proceeded to talk about sports but unfortunately another parent whisked him away, so I was left to mingle with my friends and their male role-models. I moved over to one of my friends, Tom, and started talking and so did my father and his uncle - luckily Tom’s uncle was as nice as him so he and my father chatted; it always amazes me how he can have such long conversations!

A short time on Mr Johnson announced that dinner was about to be served so we went to our tables and sat down. On my table were Jeeven and his father, Charlie and his father and Harry and his father. The conversation flowed and we were talking all night. In an instant the catering staff entered with our main course that was Quorn filet, roast potatoes, carrots and yorkshire puddings served with beautiful gravy, and then we were served with fruit and cream that was really delicious.

After dinner, Mr Brazier introduced the speaker, Neil Laughton. He was one of the most inspirational people that I ever met: he was in the SAS and also did all these amazing things such as climbing Everest, flying in a car from London to Timbuctoo and having many more incredible adventures. Unfortunately the night came to an end, but I was eager to hear more about Neil’s amazing life so I stayed behind and had a long conversation with him about how he came to have friends like Bear Grylls. I was holding up the line of boys that where inspired just like I was, so before long I shook his hand and thanked him for an amazing talk.

Finally I got into my car and went home with my father, thankful for such a brilliant evening spent with him and in the great company of other men.

Harry, Y9