Year 13’s Leavers’ Breakfast and St James Traditions
May 20, 2024

Year 13’s Leavers’ Breakfast and St James Traditions

In true St James Sixth Form tradition, Year 13 enjoyed a Leavers’ Breafast on their last day, where they were read their very own poem, inspired by Invictus, by William Ernest Henley.

For the unconquerable class of 2024!⁠

“Out of the weeks that lie before you⁠
With mind intent on your goal⁠
Thank whatever strength is within you⁠
For your unconquerable soul⁠

Hazel, Hinduism will not thwart you⁠
Louise, sociology will not defeat you⁠
Skye, art history will not deter you⁠
Em, biology will not confuse you⁠
Paint a world more beautiful, Evie⁠

Change society for the better, Milli⁠
Converse in French with flair, Izzy⁠
Bea, you make history look so easy!⁠

Beyond this place of financial ill,⁠
Zara, Stephanie and Anna master bonds⁠
It matters not how many quotes, Keto and Odile⁠
Your love of poetry your fear dissolves⁠

Shruti, intent on your future in dentistry⁠
Anabela, unperturbed by reactions in chemistry⁠
The menace of further maths, Anoushka and Nianxi⁠
Finds, and shall find, you unafraid – you’ll see!⁠

Anika, you will not hesitate⁠
No matter how dense the code⁠
You are the master of your fate⁠
You are the captain of your soul”