Age 11-14

With its focus on the constituents of matter, structure, properties and reactions, chemistry is often regarded as the central science. By nurturing the curiosity of our pupils, the chemistry department aims to give them a clearer understanding of the world ad around them and prepare them for the future, both within the fields of science and beyond.

In Year 7 chemistry is studied as part of a general science course, aimed at inspiring the pupils to take a scientific look at the world around them and encouraging them to think and work in a scientific way. Chemistry is studied as a separate science from Year 8 onwards. In Year 8, the pupils enjoy a wide range of practical activities as a means of introducing the basic concepts of the subject. Every effort is made to link the theory to real life.

We place great emphasis on the importance of practical work in the delivery of the subject. Each year uses a textbook and course designed to maximise their understanding, with on-line resources available on Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to help support their learning. Classes are streamed by ability from Year 9 which helps the individual progress of pupils.