A Level

The A Level course is demanding but students who choose it find it extremely rewarding. We are now following a brand new syllabus for A Level. The broad topics studied are: Social Issues and Trends, Political and Artistic Culture and the study of one book ( ‘Un secret’ by Philippe Grimbert) and one film ( ‘La Haine’). Our exam board is AQA, please click on the link for the full specification

We use a wide range of authentic material as well as a course book to keep as up to date with current issues as possible. Lessons are conducted in French throughout and students are encouraged to undertake independent research to broaden their horizon and range of interests in the language.

It is strongly recommended that girls who choose to do A Level French either take part in an exchange or spend some study time in France. We always help our students research and select the best possible option based on their personality and preferences.