Age 11-14

We encourage observation and independent thinking as well as teaching a sound knowledge and a skills based course. Every lesson includes the delivery of information and knowledge as well as pupil activity to enable understanding to take place. Our pupils are enthusiastic and they find the subject both accessible and relevant. It is a mark of the curriculum approach that pupil questions can often guide the pace and depth of a lesson.

From Years 7-8 we broadly follow the national curriculum which provides a thematic study of issues and topics. In Year 7, the focus is on the UK with a variety of physical and human topics as well as detailed OS map work which is much enjoyed by the pupils. In Year 8, the topics and themes are Europe-based and pupils develop an awareness of their role as citizens of a wider community. In Year 9, we teach parallel with the GCSE course so pupils who continue with the subject are aware of the subject requirements at that level and have covered some of the course by Year 10.