Age 11-14

We aspire to instil pupils with enthusiasm and a love for maths, whilst helping them to achieve excellent results. Our pupils are encouraged to explore, question, visualise and generalise when problem solving; all skills which are at the heart of mathematical thinking. They are encouraged not to fear making mistakes but to revisit them until all becomes clear.

We have four specialist mathematics teachers, one of whom has additional specialism in dyscalculia.

We enter our pupils to the individual Maths Challenges run by UKMT and many are awarded gold, silver and bronze certificates. We also prepare them for entering the Team Maths Challenges.

There are three teaching groups in every year from Years 7 to 11. Although the groups differ in terms of size (teacher to student ratio), pace and extension tasks, the pupils in each group are all taught the higher tier content for their age. There is regular reviewing of these arrangements to determine whether each girl is in the most appropriate group for her. There is always extra help available to those who need it and extension/enrichment material is given to any girl who is performing well.

Ages 11-13

In KS3 we emphasize core skills, alongside problem solving and using information efficiently. A calculator and geometry set form part of each girl’s welcome pack. A strong emphasis is placed on mental arithmetic and estimating methods alongside the correct calculator use.

Pupils broadly follow the National Curriculum, and are introduced to and develop their understanding in the following areas:


NumberArithmetic, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio, indices, sequences
AlgebraSimplifying expressions, solving equations, using formulae, graphs
Shape & SpaceGeometry, symmetry, units of measure, area, volume, trigonometry
Handling DataStatistical diagrams, averages, probability