Age 11-14

At Key Stage 3, Religious Studies as an academic subject is taught once fortnightly in Year 7, rising to 3 times a fortnight in Year 8 and finally 4 lessons fortnightly in Year 9.

Pupils join the school in Year 7 having had a variety of prep or primary school experiences of Religious Studies. In Year 7 our pupils are introduced to the main concepts within Religious Studies, such as what it means to have faith, what prayer might involve, the importance of religious authorities and texts, festivals and so on.

In Year 8 pupils begin to study the major world religions by examining important elements of Hindu, Sikh and Christian belief and practice. Their learning is enriched with a visit to the Neasden Mandir. In recent years Year 8 students have also participated in the NATRE Spirited Arts competition, which is a cross-curricular project inviting a poetic or artistic response to a choice of spiritual themes.

In Year 9 pupils study Islam, Judaism and lifestyles without a God such as Humanism and Buddhism. They visit London Central Mosque in Regent’s Park to help deepen their understanding of Muslim life. In the summer term they have the opportunity to examine philosophical questions such as, “Are humans unique?” and “Is war ever right”?

Pupils are encouraged to reflect on the importance of religious beliefs and practice, in particular their influence on the daily lives of followers. Pupils of a particular religion are encouraged to share their thoughts and practices with the class if they wish.

Progress is regularly monitored through end of unit tests at half term and end of term. Pupils are tested on their knowledge and understanding of what they have learned and discovered.