During this period, knowledge of grammar is developed further. All the essential, most commonly occurring elements of the Panini system have been taught by the end of Year 10 and the threads of the language are drawn together and practised during Year 11. Pupils begin to work together on original extracts from the Hitopadesha, Mahabharata and Bhagavadgita. Real independence is encouraged and many pupils become confident in translation. During Year 10 the philosophical ideas found in Sanskrit epic literature are presented and are the subject of lively discussion.

Pupils currently sit the IGCSE Sanskrit examination offered by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Most pupils taking the subject are able to acquit themselves well at this level. By this stage, pupils are able to translate unseen passages of Sanskrit text into English, tackle unseen Sanskrit comprehension exercises and translate English into Sanskrit. They also develop the ability to deal with all the commonly required aspects of grammar of the language and to answer questions on prepared set texts from original Sanskrit. Questions relating to Sanskrit literature are also part of this examination.