Learning Development

We aim to identify any learning differences as soon as possible when a pupil joins the school so that intervention, support, and exam access arrangements can be put in place. Teachers know how to refer pupils to the Learning Development department for further assessment or support for unmet needs. As with all pupils, those with SEND or EAL are very well supported by all teachers to attain the best possible results in formal examinations. Pupils are encouraged to be resilient and to be aware of their own uniqueness and personal strengths.

Specialist teachers are available to provide learning support where the needs of the pupil are within resources available to the school at the time. We also work with tutors, educational psychologists, speech and language therapists, art therapists, CAMHS, psychiatrists and other medical professionals and social workers where appropriate. The department comprises of 3 staff members: the SENDCO/EAL Coordinator (Head of Learning Development) and specialist maths and English teachers. 

All staff are highly trained in SEND, especially in supporting pupils with specific learning differences such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia or other conditions such as Autistic Spectrum Condition. Most of our SEND students have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia and we use a variety of interventions to support them depending on their needs. We also support pupils with a physical disability such as visual or hearing impairment and social, emotional, and mental health needs such as ADHD.

The SENDCO delivers staff training to ensure teachers have accurate information, resources and strategies to support our pupils. The SENDCO is also a qualified specialist assessor for exam access arrangements and can conduct psychometric testing to determine if pupils require additional interventions in class or for exams.

The SENDCO delivers Learning Development classes in lieu of Sanskrit, Classical Civilisation and/or Latin for Years 7-9 which help develop core subject knowledge in maths/English/science. For Years 10-13 the SENDCO conducts work during study periods, often to address areas such as organisation, time management, study skills and exam technique. The SENDCO runs touch typing club for those who may need support with typing, reading and spelling. 

The SENDCO meets regularly with each Head of Year to monitor progress and implement additional interventions, resources or strategies where necessary. The SENDCO attends all parent teacher interviews to ensure regular communication on progress. A Learning Development Prefect from Year 13 is also appointed to assist in raising awareness of special needs and disabilities across the school through assemblies and pupil liaison.