The cookery course aims to build a repertoire of practical cooking skills and an appreciation of nutrition. We teach pupils to love good food in all its variety and to savour its texture, taste and colour. We also teach that cooking is a social activity to be shared.

Watch a class making fresh pasta and you will see a practical, unselfconscious application of mathematics, physics and chemistry! It is a winning way to build a pupil’s self-confidence. Pupils work in teams so learn not only to cook but also the art of effective and considerate teamwork. They must organise their time effectively, read the recipe intelligently and understand the information that it holds. 

The department supports the school’s thriving Community Action programme: residents from the local day care centre are regular guests to lunches hosted and served by Year 7.

Our ‘Survive & Thrive’ workshop for Sixth Form leavers covers nutrition, health and cooking on a budget.