The purpose of the Library is to support the school’s goals and activities. It aims to foster a positive reading environment to facilitate literacy development, encourage social and cultural awareness and promote greater personal confidence and well-being. The Library supports academic learning and teaching within the school by providing for both specific subject and wider school curriculums.

The Library is overseen by a professional Librarian who specialises in young people’s reading material and has wide knowledge of their reading behaviour. She is an expert on information management and information literacy. The Librarian oversees the well-being of pupils’ reading activity, providing advice and assistance with their reading choices, and helps pupils and staff to locate and use good quality and relevant subject material. 

Pupils take part in activities organised for World Book Day, National Poetry Day and other annual literary events, awards and celebrations. Regular author visits help to motivate reading for pleasure and boost discussion around reading. Reading lists and challenges are provided to encourage pupils to expand their reading horizons.

The Library is used for study by all year groups. As well as a comprehensive collection of lending books supporting the curriculum, pupils have access to online resources, an online Library Catalogue and an ebook and audio-book platform. Pupils are encouraged to personalise the Library by recommending new books for purchase.

Lower school pupils have regular sessions in the Library.  Lessons aim to combine reading promotion activities with research and information literacy skills. All pupils in Years 7-9 keep a record of their reading for pleasure. These reading logs are reviewed regularly by the Librarian and are used to engage with pupils on a 1:1 basis about their reading behaviour and choices.

The Library runs four Book Clubs for all year groups including Sixth Form, which give pupils the opportunity to explore classic and contemporary literature.  The popular weekly Creative Writing Club enables younger pupils to experiment with and share their creative work outside of the classroom.

The beautiful Library is a place to celebrate a love of learning and reading.