Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education

The PSHEE programme is wide and varied. It recognises that a pupil’s physical and emotional well-being is crucial in helping them to enjoy their education and support their transition into work and further learning. Its aim is two-fold:

  1. To provide knowledge which promotes an understanding of how to live well, confidently and how to lead a healthy and happy life.
  2. To develop the pupil’s capacity to assume responsibility for herself and the society in which she lives.

We aim to teach our pupils to appreciate a wider perspective within which they can develop the skills necessary to make wise decisions as they grow towards adulthood.

The PSHEE programme is structured into three core themes:

  1. Health and Wellbeing, which looks at developing good mental and physical health.
  2. Relationships, which covers topics such as bullying, developing healthy relationships, consent and sex education
  3. Living in the Wider World which focuses on citizenship topics, financial literacy, personal development and careers education

It includes a broad range of topics across the year groups including: alcohol, bullying (including internet and mobile phone use), careers, citizenship, diversity, drugs, financial literacy, RSE (Relationships and Sexual Education), relationships, nutrition, puberty and personal hygiene, self-esteem and mental health.

The PSHEE programme is delivered to every year group in a way that meets their growing needs to be informed across these topics. For Years 10-13, we run a ‘Wider Perspectives’ whole afternoon once a fortnight, in which they receive lectures from visiting speakers or structured lessons drawn from any of the areas above. Many of those speakers are also available for parents to meet through our Parent Seminar programme, where we try to make the expertise we are presenting to your daughters available to parents as well.

The PSHEE course provides an opportunity for pupils to engage in a wide range of skills such as debate and role-play. Pupils use a range of resources to enhance their understanding in the various topics, from a local perspective, as well as at a global level. Documentaries which are specifically related to a topic are also used in lessons. Activities within the PSHEE programme are tailored to suit each year group to stimulate real interest, questions and empathy with and for others.

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Sex Education

Relationships and Sex Education is now a statutory topic across schools in England. The sex education programme at St James focuses on the whole person. Teaching the appropriate year groups about the biological elements of sex and the practical elements of using contraception and an awareness of sexual health sets a foundation of understanding, whilst we also discuss the importance of developing healthy relationships (including covering important topics such as consent, ‘sexting’ pornography and keeping yourself safe while online). An appreciation for diversity within relationships and in the wider world further develops understanding and respect for others. Pupils are encouraged to think critically about the messages they receive from society and those which they send out. We encourage pupils to make informed and conscious choices in life, which demonstrate an understanding of ‘how to live well’ with full responsibility to themselves and others. This aspect is covered in the philosophy course for pupils in Years 8 and is an underlying theme across many PSHEE topics for pupils in Year 9-13.