Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

Our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development programme is at the heart of enabling the girls to discover more about themselves; to gain a sense of their real self-worth and to understand how to act fairly, lawfully and compassionately for their own happiness and that of others.

Our Spiritual and Moral development is targeted through: Philosophy, Meditation, Religious Studies, PSHE, assemblies, school services, the School Motto and school rules.

Assemblies take place three times a week with one assembly usually given to spiritual enrichment through our ‘Learning Tree’ root values and talks given by staff including our wellbeing counsellor. Opportunities are offered for contemplation, reflection and listening to beautiful music. At each assembly, a pupil chooses a prayer and reads it to the whole school, occasionally pupils write their own prayers. Speakers and students from diverse faiths are sometimes invited to present. Teachers, pupils and external speakers ensure an active promotion of fundamental British values.

Rev. Dr. Rob Marshall is the School Chaplain. He conducts beginning and end of term services in the local church as well as two assemblies per term. We hold a schools’ joint service at the beginning of the academic year with the Junior and Boys’ Schools at St Mary Abbot’s Church, Kensington.

The School Motto encapsulates the essential elements which we consider to be conducive to a happy and fulfilled life: Speak the Truth, Live Generously, Aim for the Best.

The Rules of Conduct for pupils (within our Annual Information Booklet) are designed to support the School Motto and underline the absolute importance of consideration for the welfare of all. An appreciation and respect for the proper place of authority is also placed at the heart of our code of conduct. Each pupil has a responsibility to conduct herself in a manner which enhances harmony, justice and happiness for everyone.

Our Social and Cultural development is targeted through: Citizenship, Community Service, assemblies, talks, visits, trips and the general school curriculum.

Please also see: Philosophy, PSHE, Citizenship, Community Service, Religious Studies.