Our School's Activity Week starts today and our girls have zoomed off to their various destinations:  All of Year 7 were beaming at the prospect of their action packed week on the Isle of Wight where kayaking and abseiling are planned.    Continental Europe awaits our other year groups: Years 8 and 9 are in Côte d’Opale with visits including Dunkerque and the Sea World Museum.  Our Year 10 girls are in Florence to experience a range of iconic cultural treasures including the Uffizi gallery and the leaning Tower of Pisa.  Year 11 are in Amsterdam visiting, among other places, Anne Frank’s House, the van Gogh Museum and a clog farm! This Thursday our Year 12 girls will travel to the 700 year old salt mine in Wielicza.  They will also spend a day at the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp and we look forward to hearing their reflections from visiting this important and thought provoking memorial.