On Thursday 10th May, we were fortunate enough to receive a talk by Ms Aishleen Lester, Founder of Le Ster Jewellery. Having completed her Masters at the Royal Academy, she embarked on her rather unconventional artistic journey. At first, Ms Lester produced large sculptural installations which were exhibited in numerous galleries including Riflemaker (London) and Nyehaus (New York). Additionally, she collaborated with choreographers to create interactive stage sets and was also commissioned by Selfridges to design an installation for their Wonder Windows.

Although Ms Lester thoroughly enjoyed her time working on large scale projects, she decided to focus on smaller scale projects which existed in everyday life and she was drawn to jewellery design. Having secured an internship with renowned jeweller, Shaun Leane, she learnt the fundamentals of diamond mounting and metal work and found herself immersed in the jewellery world. Ms Lester's journey and experiences have allowed her to provide invaluable and priceless advice for everyone, not only those interested in pursuing a career in the arts. Hala, Year 12