Our recent annual Science Fair gave the opportunity to our Year 7 pupils to showcase their research at a poster presentation in the main hall attended by pupils, parents and staff from St James Prep and Avonmore Schools.

This year the topic was hydrogels – these are polymers that can absorb as much as 500 times their own volume of water and are at the forefront of current biomedical research in applications such as cell therapeutics, wound healing, cartilage/bone regeneration and the sustained release of drugs. More commonly, they are used for producing contact lenses, hygiene products and wound dressings.

The standard of work was very impressive and the winning presentations were selected by our team of adjudicators. Well done to all the Year 7 pupils on their excellent work in applying the scientific method to their hydrogel experiments. They spoke knowledgeably and enthusiastically about their research using practical demonstrations to make the fair such an enjoyable and successful event.