As the Summer term comes to an end today, one of our Year 11 pupils shares her experience of how the innovative teaching and learning methods necessitated by Lockdown have presented her with welcome opportunities for academic enrichment:

In physics we have enrolled in an interactive online course about flight mechanics. Currently, I don’t plan on continuing physics as a subject at A-level, but I really enjoyed studying the GCSE course, and felt that this would be a good opportunity to apply principles that we had previously covered in a new situation, and study topics that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. The course is an introduction to the subject, which can be quite advanced at some points, but still contains material which is more accessible, and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

In the subjects I am planning on pursuing at A-level, however, this has also been a welcome opportunity to explore aspects which are not covered by the syllabus. I have especially enjoyed the overview of some Roman authors as this provided a greater sense of variety to our Latin literature lessons, helping us to appreciate work that we would not otherwise get the chance to study until beyond A-level. This experience has also prepared us and helped us develop skills that we will need when we begin our A-level courses later this year.  

I have also begun writing an essay for a linguistics essay competition run by Trinity College, Cambridge. The title is “Why should we care if a language goes extinct?”, and so far I have really enjoyed researching this, as I find linguistics a very interesting subject.  I have enjoyed engaging with a topic that I would love to pursue further in my studies.  I would usually be required to balance this alongside my school work but I have been able to focus myself fully and apply my attention to connect with wider research not necessarily related to my exams.