We have sought innovative solutions to ensure academic learning is supported despite the cancellation of scheduled school events and trips.  One example of this is the Year 11 Drama trip to see the play, DNA, directed by Anna Friend for Quirky Bird Theatre Company that had been scheduled for 29th April.  Pupils viewed the filmed, streamed version of the performance at home to enable them as fully as possible to form their opinions.  Below are impressions from two pupils:  

"The play explores the relationships and dynamics of a school friendship group and clearly shows the power struggle and social structure between the characters. I think that the director made good choices in the way she chose to put on this play." Phoebe

"Leah’s character was the most interesting to me as, having read the play, I know that Leah has many monologues throughout and it can be hard to stay interested in what she has to say. The constant change in voice made Leah’s speeches much more interesting and quite humorous. Overall, the play was fantastic, and I enjoyed it thoroughly, especially the small details added to the characters." Suhani