This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and Ms Damzen, our SENDCO invited the girls to do at least one act of kindness for someone at the weekend (kindness is this year’s theme).

Her suggestions included:

  • Making colourful masks out of clean old clothes for them and giving to others to wear
  • Making a box and collecting items for nurses from residents on their street (eg magazines, chocolate bars, bubble bath, tissues, hand-cream, homemade cake)
  • Posting cards to elderly friends and relatives living alone
  • Teaching elderly relatives to use Zoom so they can keep in touch 
  • Zoom quizzes with other families with participants making donations to a local charity
  • Using and sharing the mindfulness skills learned at school to help support their own and others’ mental health. Have they found any great mindfulness apps they want to share?
  • Growing sunflowers on a windowsill

I was the fortunate recent recipient of an act of kindness last week so I know how beneficial they can be.  Whilst buying some food fairly late on Saturday afternoon, I noticed that the shop's Post Office counter appeared to be open. I went back to the car to pick up the three parcels I happened to have with me and rushed back inside. Although they had actually closed for the day an hour or so before, the manager very kindly made an exception for me, processed my parcels and even gave me some tape to re-seal an envelope.  This simple act of generosity made such a difference to me and genuinely lifted my spirits.

As Anne Frank wrote, ‘How lovely to think that no one need wait a moment, we can start now, start slowly changing the world!... And you can always, always give something, even if it is only kindness!’