At St James, we have a house system to foster relationships across year groups and to instil a sense of healthy competition.

All girls are allocated a house upon entering the school and the houses are named as follows: St. Catherine, St. Genevieve, St. Helena and St. Margaret.

Throughout the year we run several house competitions in a variety of activities such as debating, music, netball, lacrosse and, at the end of the academic year, our Sports Day.

One pupil per house per form sits on our Community Service Council and we present a shield to the house with the highest number of hours spent engaged in community service.

We keep a running total of the house points the girls receive: these are awarded by teachers to pupils for excellent behaviour, academic endeavour or to those who improve significantly at a task or challenge. The totals are displayed on our house noticeboard.

We have a number of fun activities (such as regular house quizzes) which enable pupils to get to know members of their house in different year groups.