Pastoral Care

The welfare of our pupils is first and foremost and the emotional care of pupils at St James is given particular attention. If an individual is not at ease emotionally, everything they encounter will be adversely affected.

Pupils will meet their Form Teacher for registration, form periods and quiet time. The Form Teacher’s role is to gently nurture each pupil and to encourage their full participation in the life of the school. The work of the Form Teacher is supported by Heads of Section who are responsible for the Lower School (Year 7), Middle School (Years 8 and 9) and Upper School (Years 10 and 11). This allows consistency of care and provides a strong support for each pupil’s development through the adolescent years. Trust, love and respect between teachers and pupils are absolutely vital.

Help is also available to all pupils through the Headmistress, Deputy Heads, School Nurse, Wellbeing Coach, School Chaplain and Prefects. Years 12 and 13 provide invaluable support to the Form Teachers, within the role of prefect, they receive training in the essential skills of ‘peer mentoring’ and some are trained as Mental Health Champions.