Year 12

Most students choose four subjects initially which allows the flexibility to drop a subject further down the line. There are distinct exit points: at the end of September, the Autumn half term, the end of the Autumn Term and the beginning of the Summer Term. Internal exams are taken at the beginning of the Summer Term and students are required to achieve a minimum of a C grade in the subjects they wish to take in Year 13. It is envisaged that most students will drop a subject by the end of Year 12, although it is possible to continue with all four.

It is the current policy of the school not to enter candidates for external AS exams at the end of Year 12. It may, however, be possible for a candidate to enter for an AS exam at the end of Year 13 by arrangement with the Head of Sixth Form and Head of Department. 

All students in Year 12 begin the Extended Project Qualification which gives them the opportunity to delve deeper into a topic of their choice and to develop valuable independent research, higher level thinking and time management skills. Students who wish to commit to the full EPQ take this decision at the end of the Spring Term. Recent EPQ projects have explored wide-ranging topics including physics and philosophy, medical ethics, the impact of photograph editing on self-image, the Islamic State, dehumanisation and artificial intelligence.