Broader Curriculum

All students attend philosophy lessons that examine the great questions which have been addressed by humanity throughout history. The Citizenship Programme also develops in the Sixth Form and students are trained to take part in the English Speaking Union Inter-Schools Debating Competition and the Model UN debates. The St James Senior Girls’ and Senior Boys’ Schools meet each year to take part in a St James Model UN conference which always leads to lively debate!


Sixth Formers have the opportunity to go on a number of trips to support their academic studies. These include a geography field trip which is undertaken with Sixth Formers from the Senior Boys’ School (in 2018 students from Year 12 visited Slapton Sands). Year 12 biologists go on a 2 day field trip to study biodiversity. Students of art and history of art have the opportunity to visit the galleries and cultural sites of Florence and Rome. In 2017 history students visited Berlin and in 2018 we will be running an exciting new trip to Iceland.


Sixth Form students have one afternoon of sport a week. In addition to our main school sports of lacrosse, netball, athletics and rounders, our Sixth Form students have the option of taking part in a wider range of physical activities including Pilates, aerobics, table tennis and kick-boxing or using the facilities of a local sports club.

Performing Arts

All Sixth Form students have an optional weekly singing lesson and the opportunity to join one of our choirs. Many Sixth Formers continue to play a musical instrument and can also join one of our orchestras. Students can take part in regular productions whether on stage or behind the scenes. In December 2017, we staged ‘Les Miserables’ jointly with the Senior Boys’ School and a production of ‘Dido and Aeneas’ is scheduled for December 2018. The biennial school musical is open to all students from Years 10-13. 

Each year, the Sixth Form organises a musical evening to raise money for their Leavers’ Ball. Most recently they have organised a Best of British Night, a Night at the Movies, a Golden Oldies Night and a Legendary Ladies Night.

Challengers & The Duke of Edinburgh Award

Many of our Sixth Formers are active in the St James Challengers club which provides adventurous activities and the opportunity to take The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Bronze and Silver levels. As well as being a fun and rewarding initiative, many universities and employers look favourably on students who have taken the Award as it promotes physical fitness, self-discipline, practical leadership and the ability to work successfully as a member of a team.

Community Service

Community Service is a very significant feature of our school. Year 12 teach Latin at our local primary school and assist as reading buddies at the local primary Academy. They also plan and and fundraise for their community service project abroad in South Africa in July where they trek in the Umfolozi nature reserve and spend time undertaking community projects in a Zulu village. Recently, a group of Year 12 and 13 students also travelled to Kolkata, India where they provided practical support to the Future Hope charity.

Social Events

Sixth Form Dinners are held in the Autumn and Spring Terms. A guest speaker is invited and each year group takes it in turns to be the hosts while the others prepare and serve the formal dinner. Apart from being immensely enjoyable occasions, these events teach students how to organise and conduct themselves at a formal dinner. Guest speakers have recently included the former Mayor of Hammersmith & Fulham; Dr Lucy Chappell; fashion designer, Allison Rodger and the Founder of the Art Academy, Tanya Russell.

There are also two Dinner Dances each year for Year 12 and 13 students at the Senior Girls’ and Senior Boys’ Schools. At the end of the Summer Term, a Leavers’ Dinner is organised and a Leavers’ Ball is hosted by Year 13 to thank parents and teachers, which is funded by the students’ own efforts.