On entering the Sixth Form, your perspective will change. You will view the school’s community differently. Academically, you will have moved forward from the ‘teacher: pupil’ relationship you have had up to GCSE to an increasingly shared experience of learning with friends and teachers.

Year 12 students become Form Prefects, supported by the Deputy Head Pastoral, the Head Girl and the Senior Pastoral Prefect. They form an important link in the pastoral care of the pupils and they are given training in child protection. They are also offered the opportunity to train formally as Mental Health First Aiders.

In Year 13, responsibilities relate to the school as a whole. Students apply for leadership positions in the Spring Term of Year 12 and appointments for the senior positions are made after interview with the Headmistress and the Head of Sixth Form. The Sixth Form assist in the running of our House system and inter-house competitions are organised in music, speech and sport.

All Sixth Formers play a significant role in school open events and public occasions and the Head Girl and her deputies will be asked to speak at these events. Guidance and training is given so that they can speak with confidence and sincerity.

With their open heartedness, reliability and innovation, the Sixth Form students are undoubtedly an integral part of the happiness and well-being of the school community.