Theme Day 2018 which took place last Thursday was all about ‘Inspiration.’ The girls were challenged to think about the people who they see as being inspirational and to also go beyond this and consider places, events or objects that might, in some way, be considered inspirational. A number of departments worked together and their tireless efforts to produce a fun-filled, inspirational day were greatly enjoyed by the pupils.

PE, geography and economics worked together to look at the inspiration generated by the 2012 Olympic Games in London which involved a visit to the Olympic Park. IT and history teamed up to investigate the inspirational idea behind the ‘Dambusters’ raids in WWII and visited Brooklands Museum to learn more about this.

Maths, RS and Sanskrit worked together to see how areas within each subject inspired the symbols which we know in everyday life but perhaps had never thought about in a deeper way. The Classics and French departments visited the British Museum to look at Rodin’s sculptures and to try and uncover some of the inspiration behind this wonderful artist's creations.

The girls working with the English department were treated to a visit from a poet who helped them to use media clips and images as a way of inspiring them to write and perform their own poetry. Physics and chemistry worked together on problem solving, encouraging pupils to understand that there can be a number of different ways to solve the same problem. They then went on to create devices to help to irrigate farmland around the Nile! 

The biology and psychology group went to Kew Gardens to try and uncover what inspiration can be drawn from nature. Art, EPQ and history of art students looked at the ways in which modern design has been inspired by the past and had a trip to the Design Museum to bring these thoughts to life. Finally, music, dance, drama and MFL invited a Flamenco teacher in to look at the inspiration behind this dance and to try and inspire them with some dancing of their own!

The school was an extremely busy place and it was wonderful to see all of the pupils enjoying their activities and drawing inspiration themselves from their teachers, the places they visited and the new things they learnt. Mr Horsford, Head of Georgraphy