Director of Education

Laura-Hyde-thumbMrs Laura Hyde became Director of Education across the St James Schools UK in September 2014 after 20 years of Headship.

In November 2015, Mrs Hyde spoke at ‘Just This Day’. To read her talk entitled ‘Silence and the Word’, please click on the following link: Silence and the Word

In February 2015, Mrs Hyde gave a lecture entitled ‘St James Schools – Forty Years On’. In this lecture, Mrs Hyde considered the principles which inspired the foundation of the schools in 1974, how they have developed over the past forty years and what challenges the future may hold as the schools enter their fifth decade. To read the lecture, please click on the following link: Director of Education’s Lecture 2015 To watch the lecture, please click here

In her former role as Headmistress of St James Senior Girls’ School, Mrs Hyde gave an annual Headmistress’ Lecture to parents, staff, governors and friends of the school about a particular aspect of education and human development.

In the 2014 lecture entitled ‘Cultivating The Power of Compassion’ Mrs Hyde examined questions such as:  what is compassion and why is it important? Is this essential human quality being eroded and if so, why? What can be done to cultivate the power of compassion in our young people? Please click here to read the Annual Headmistress’ Lecture 2014

In the 2013 lecture entitled ‘Harmony: reconnecting with the true purpose of education’ Mrs Hyde considered the growing concern in society regarding the welfare of girls, the heightened levels of anxiety with which they are living, and the toxic effect this is having on their future development as women. Please click here to read the Annual Headmistress’ Lecture 2013.

In the 2012 lecture entitled ‘Touching the Mystery of Things: Attention, Creativity and Freedom’ Mrs Hyde examined the conditions that are conducive to developing a pupil’s power of attention both at home and in school and how this power can ultimately harness full and free creative expression. Please click here to read the Annual Headmistress’ Lecture 2012.