Ethos & Aims


We offer an education which nurtures and enriches the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of our pupils. Our happy, united atmosphere provides the ideal environment for every girl to discover her own unique combination of strengths and talents and to ‘be the best she can’.


To provide a curriculum which enriches, enhances and refines intellectual and emotional development, giving rise to expansion in understanding, wisdom and creative potential.

To provide an environment in which each pupil may develop:

  • a deep and extensive appreciation of the potential of human existence
  • an awareness of the spiritual, emotional and intellectual dimensions of life
  • an understanding of how to live in a manner which is conducive to the happiness, well-being and dignity of herself and others
  • the strength and wisdom to do so
  • an awareness and consideration for the needs of others
  • confidence in the various talents with which she has been endowed
  • a desire to offer those talents in a spirit of generosity for the benefit of humanity