Trustees and Governors

In order to provide the greatest support to each of our schools and sites, the Board of Trustees have formed two governing boards, a combined board for St James Senior Girls’ and St James Prep in Olympia and a separate one for St James Senior Boys’ in Ashford.

Board of Governors, Olympia

The St James Senior Girls’ and Prep Schools share a single governing body which meets as the Board of Governors, Olympia. The Board’s role is to ensure that the schools provide their pupils with the very best education and opportunities, oversee developments at the school and generally support the Heads and the school. The Board of Governors sets the school’s plans and policies.

Chair of Governors, Olympia

Mrs Annabel Lubikowski BA (Hons) MPhil PGCE


Mrs Angela Bowman BA (Hons), MPhil, PGCE

Mr Raghu Nandakumara MA (Cantab), MSc

If you would like to contact Mrs Lubikowski, please address your letter to her at:

St James Schools, Earsby Street, London W14 8SH


Board of Trustees

The Boards of Governors operates under the Board of Trustees which meets as the Independent Educational Association Limited, a registered charity established in 1975.

The Board of Trustees has an overarching role looking after all three St James Schools: the Senior Girls’ and Prep Schools in Olympia and the Senior Boys’ School in Ashford. This includes setting the strategic direction for the schools; and taking corporate decisions in relation to their statutory functions.


Chair of Trustees

Mr Jeremy Sinclair CBE



Mr Aatif Hassan BSc CA

Mrs Annabel Lubikowski BA (Hons) MPhil PGCE

Mr Hugh Venables BSc MBA

Mr Jerome Webb MA MRICS


Clerk to the Trustees

Mr William Wyatt