Mrs Watson, Year 13 parent

The school has been incredible in their support at this time with everything that has happened with the pandemic.  It is an enormous achievement by the girls.  Teaching has been outstanding.  Teachers have gone above and beyond when things were difficult and worked really hard.  As much as possible it felt the school always kept the girls foremost in mind in terms of academic and pastoral care.  Small class sizes were hugely helpful and longstanding teaching staff helped with the sense of continuity.

Mr & Mrs Allan, Year 13 parents

Camille has felt part of a very happy and supportive family since arriving at St James in Year 7. We have watched her confidence grow and grow, having been inspired and encouraged by her teachers, often in subjects she didn’t feel an affinity to initially. The Sixth Form has been a lovely end to her schooling and Mrs Saunders and all her subject teachers have been wonderful. I know she will cherish the time spent with such a dynamic, kind and inspiring group of girls. It seems the friendships made at St James have a special bond.

Mrs Clark, Year 13 parent

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement of Eliza throughout the school. It is an enormous credit to you and to all her teachers that she is now focused, hardworking and of generous spirit. She seems completely comfortable in her own skin, a wonderful thing at any age but especially for a teenager.

Mrs Graham, Year 10 parent

The music department at St James, under the leadership of Mr Holloway, is inspired! I recently went to a concert given by girls of a much bigger (and very good) school, with far greater numbers involved in the production and a great deal more in the way of resources but it didn’t come close to what Mr Holloway achieves at St James. I told him so at the Christmas Concert which was so very beautiful, as is everything he puts together – creative and imaginative and using the girls’ abilities in the most productive, full way.

My daughter absolutely loves all the music she is involved with at the school and lights up with it. Congratulations on the many lovely features that contribute to life at St James. It is a real pleasure, as a parent, to be part of the culture instigated there of the importance of a rounded education.

Mrs Woodroffe, Year 9 parent

I feel incredibly lucky that my daughter is in such safe and steady hands. She is absolutely loving St James, and it makes me feel emotional to think that this time last year my daughter was so unhappy at her previous school. To look at her now those black days seem long ago and although I’m sure there will be challenges ahead, to see her growing into a happy and confident young woman is all I ever wanted for her.

Mr & Mrs Kundasamy, Year 13 parents

We can hardly believe that eight years have passed and Saranya is heading off to university! We have watched our daughter grow into a hardworking, mature, considerate young lady and we cannot thank you enough for the caring and nurturing support that Saranya has received from you and all her teachers. This has certainly given her confidence in her abilities and taught her the value of discipline and teamwork, traits that will serve her well throughout her life. We have always held you in high regard for your leadership, commitment and dedication to all the children at St James. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for being part of our daughter’s life and shaping her future.

Mr & Mrs Flynn, Year 10 parents

One of the things that struck us about St James’ on our initial visits was the calm, confident and lady-like manner that so many of the girls had about them.  I would like to take this opportunity to say how happy we are that we chose St James for our daughter, we both feel certain that this has been our best investment to date. We are very happy with the school and very grateful for all the additional support we have received in the last year. Thanks sincerely to you and all your colleagues

Beatriz Shapiro, Year 12 parent

I don´t need to tell you how we all feel about Lauren´s four As at AS…. She could barely talk, I can barely contain myself, my husband was speechless, nanny can´t stop whooping and Max is very proud of his sister. Please pass on our biggest thanks to all her teachers and to you. The effort Lauren brings to her studies does her huge credit, but the support and help and love she has always received at St James, and in particular in the last few months leading up to the examinations have been instrumental in her success.

Elizabeth Kinder, Year 12 parent

As parents we want to help our children flourish, to realise their full potential and their educational environment plays such an enormous part in making this possible. It’s slightly a leap of faith finding the right place for them and trusting that it will work out as you hope. At Speech Day, it was again brought home to me just how wonderfully you have fulfilled that hope, having nurtured and supported Eve so that she is able to realise things in her life that would have seemed impossible to her a few short years ago. I am so very grateful to you and all her teachers for inspiring her so that she is blossoming as she is: for providing such a brilliant environment that encourages her to realise the best of herself – and shows her how good it can feel when that happens. I am so happy that she has this foundation in her life.