Jenny, Year 13:  The teachers were very supportive, giving their personal time and making extra efforts which made the experience of the A levels during the pandemic much less stressful.

Amelia, Year 13 :  Owing to our parents’ jobs we attended six different schools before starting at St James in Year 9; my sister and I have found this one to be the most welcoming of them all with a really warm school community.

Olivia, Year 13:  The small class sizes and school meant we could build closer relationship with our teachers and students.

Charlotte, Year 13:  The small class sizes are incredibly useful and teachers gave their personal time in the holidays to help.  The atmosphere is so friendly and fellow pupils are really supportive of each other.

Elizabeth, Year 13:  Our teachers were really great – they gave us one-on-one attention and it felt tailored.   I have been at the school since Reception so I realise the usefulness of the meditative techniques that we are taught.  They give an opportunity for calming which is incredible and it is noticeable that other schools seem so quickly to have adopted meditation too.

Year 10 Pupil (in response to our biennial school survey)

I think that St. James is a perfect school for me. It has helped me a lot. Everyone here is so friendly and kind, people really care and the teachers always provide the right support. You can tell that they want you to do well and their encouragement boosts my confidence. I feel like I want and need to learn more and more and I’m happy to be stretched so my knowledge and understanding can be widened. I think the way of teaching is perfect and very helpful. I believe I have improved and the school’s support plays a huge part in that improvement. I’m not scared to put up my hand in class and I’m happy to be corrected so I can learn from my mistakes.

All the teachers in St. James are brilliant, fair and fun, they are also loving and caring (smiley too) which makes the environment less stressful as GCSEs come up. Meditation, I feel, also helps a lot when worrying about GCSEs. I feel at home here and I’m also quite proud to be in St. James. I’ve encouraged my friends and their siblings to come here and they really like the look of the school too.  When I first came here I thought it would be so scary but the teachers have helped me so much and I can feel they want me to do really well, they are always happy to help and will use their time to help and make sure you are happy and confident (even if it’s a really tricky maths equation that might take up all of break to be solved).
The after-school activities are great too! I love STEM club, I feel it’s really helping me to think outside the box but in a fun and creative way. Moreover, the lunches are delicious so I think that the school is all in all perfect.

Florence, Year 11

During my time at St James your wisdom and love for us has inspired me to do my best in everything. The St James that you and your wonderful teachers have created values and nurtures the best qualities in all of us. This has made me proud of who I am, excited to face the next steps of my education and a more thoughtful, hard-working person.

Amanda, Year 11

Thank you so much for all your guidance, teaching and companionship over the years. I can’t quite express how grateful I am because you have helped me so much and so many times that it is impossible for me to list them all. Thank you for listening and being there.


Shreya: Sanskrit at Balliol College, Oxford

Thank you so much for all your support and guidance. You have been an incredible source of strength. Your help with university applications was second to none! I have really appreciated all your love and care.

Ella: English & Creative Writing, Goldsmiths, University of London

Thank you so much for the most wonderful support and genuine care that you have given me over the past two years. Never has there been a time when I felt unable to come into your office to voice my candid opinions or worries, and your reciprocal honesty and sincerity always made me feel better. I have found in you not only a great teacher but a great friend and I will miss you immensely.