On Monday 11th June, 45 Year 7 girls descended on the Tower of London and immersed themselves in the Crown Jewels, Norman architecture and medieval and Roman history.

We were then due to take a boat trip across the Thames to the Tate Modern lawn, have lunch and then walk across the Millennium Bridge to the Museum of London. We were making our way along the wharf towards the quay when our way was barred by a beefeater: we would not be able to get through for an hour and a half! Very soon, some soldiers arrived in a fleet of armoured vehicles and two or three very large guns – ready to give the Duke of Edinburgh a 21-gun salute! We had lunch and had to make our way via tube and on foot to the Museum of London and the Guildhall another way, listening to the 21 guns from a distance. By the end of the trip, we were all very tired – but happy!

Mr de Mattos, Teacher of Classics