On Wednesday 22nd January, our team went to Richmond College to perform the piece that we had been working on since the beginning of the academic year in The Ignite Dance Festival. We had 2 hours to practise and the improvement from everybody was astonishing!

We had gone through everything, from our tech run to our final rehearsal and now we were standing backstage, waiting for the performance ahead of us to finish.

We were all very nervous but the second we hit the stage and the music started, all we could see was the huge light in our eyes that our coach, Jodie, had told us to look at even though it was blinding. Everything just slotted into place.  We were so glad we had worked so hard because when we were on that stage we were so focused and connected.

As we finished we immediately felt the relief. It had happened so fast but we were all so proud of ourselves because we knew we did our best. After being congratulated by our coach Jodie, Mr White and our parents, we were ready to go home for a sound night’s sleep.

We are all so thankful for the amazing opportunity and hope to be able to perform it again (once we have smoothed it out a bit more). Maya