Enthusiasm levels continue to rise in this club.  Below is a report from the presentation given at today's meeting by a Year 7 member and her rabbit, Hebe.

Food: Rabbits like to eat herbs, vegetables and sometimes fruit. Every morning (for breakfast) they should have about 5 pellets. Occasionally, they can have a treat, like a parsley or carrot biscuit! Rabbits need to eat a lot of fresh hay everyday. This keeps them healthy and at a good weight. Munching hay also helps their teeth not get too long or sharp.

Living: Depending on the breed of the rabbit they can ether live indoors or outdoors. Wherever rabbits live they need to have constant access to fresh hay and water.  They also like to have places to hide and things to chew. They need space to run around and have lots of exercise - rabbits have a lot of energy! Rabbits sleep a lot during the day.

Health: Rabbits need to see the vet at least once a year. All rabbits need to be vaccinated against myxomatosis and VH 1 and 2 (viral haemorrhagic disease). If rabbits are outside they need to be protected against diseases carried by flies, and this is called Flystrike. Many rabbits have problems with their teeth and often burrs which are growths and sometimes they are removed. Many rabbits get neutered to stop breeding and to alter hormones. Usually rabbits who are neutered have a gentle mood and are easier to litter train.