This term, St James Prep pupils are practising the skill of Elasticity!

Elasticity is the ā€˜Eā€™ of the four CORE virtues the children learn at St James. These skills (Caring, Open, Responsible, Elastic) give children the tools and thinking patterns to be happy, successful and connected.

Being Elastic makes children more effective learners and more likely to make faster progress. With this mindset, they are more likely to fulfil their academic, artistic and sporting potential.

How do they react when they lose a netball match or score a low mark in a spelling test? Do they get angry and quit? At St James, we encourage children to detach from results, good or bad, and maintain a calm response. They can correct mistakes or change ways of doing things to be more effective.

We teach children techniques to improve Elasticity. For example, by practising their awareness of the present moment, children learn how to become aware of the thoughts which can be cause of anxiety or anger. This awareness allows them to handle difficult moments with more acceptance and light-heartedness.