Our Scholarships

St James is delighted to offer 7+and 8+ scholarships.

Three scholarships are available in Creative Arts, Sports and Academics and will be awarded to pupils who show outstanding potential in their given area. All candidates must demonstrate a strong commitment to, and enthusiasm for, their chosen subject.

Scholarships are available to external and internal applicants who are currently in Year 2 or Year 3, moving into Year 3 or Year 4, for September 2025-2026 fees. Candidates may only apply for one scholarship.

The scholarship will be following your child for the remainder of their time at St James Preparatory School; provided they maintain their excellent academic standing or performance in sports or creative arts. We will review this at the end of each academic year.

Applications will be open from Thursday 5 September 2024 to Wednesday 8 January 2025.

Assessments will take place on Wednesday 15 January 2025.

Academic Scholarship (covering 25% of tuition fees)

Applicants for the Academic Scholarship will sit an assessment in English and Maths and be interviewed by the Headmistress or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

The assessments will last no more than an hour per subject covering spelling, grammar, punctuation and reading comprehension in English, while the Maths assessment will cover mental maths, and applying and understanding mathematics.

Creative Arts Scholarship (covering 25% of tuition fees)

This is open to candidates who can demonstrate exceptional strengths in either Music, Performing Arts, or Visual Arts.


Candidates should show evidence of real musical ability and if they are offering more than one instrument, should perform one piece on each instrument.

It is not essential for candidates to have taken music examinations, but as a guide, the standard expected will correspond with recognised exam boards. We welcome children to offer a song in addition if they wish to. We would also need to know about how long they have been playing their instrument.

Performing Arts

For drama, candidates will have an active interest in performance and perhaps have performed at some level. They will be asked to deliver some type of prepared performance.


For art, candidates will have a keen interest in visiting galleries and exhibitions. They may even have exhibited their own work or have entered age-relevant art competitions. They will be asked to demonstrate their work in some format.

For creative arts candidates, assessment will depend on their chosen medium, so please let us know more information about the candidate on your application.

Sports Scholarship (covering 25% of tuition fees)

Candidates should be actively involved in competitive sports at school and possibly club level.

All applicants will be assessed in the following:

  • a series of fitness tests, challenges and multi-sport games, focusing on student’s physical literacy, but also on personal, social and cognitive skills.
  • sport-specific assessment activities, focusing on technical proficiency and game play across our Core Sports.


Where next?

The Pause

At St James, we feel it is important to introduce our pupils to stillness and allow them to discover how to be inwardly free and deeply at ease within themselves. A short period of 5-10 minutes at the beginning and middle of every day is allocated to quietude in which pupils may meditate, contemplate or simply be still – according to their own spiritual inclinations.

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