Our Community

Our St James Schools form a closely-knit, inclusive and diverse community.

Our St James Schools form a closely-knit, inclusive and diverse community, fostering a spirit of unity and enriching the educational experience for pupils, staff, and parents alike.

Our schools often gather to celebrate pupils’ achievements, raise funds for various charities or support our local communities.


Our House System

Upon entering the school, all pupils will join one of our three houses: Salisbury, Winchester or Canterbury.

The House system provides an opportunity for the children to earn points for their team in everything from good behaviour or outstanding effort in work to beautiful singing or playing well at a netball match. At the end of each term, the winning house is served a House treat – it is a great bonding experience and strengthens the school community.

We host regular house lunches which enables pupils to get to know members of their house in different year groups. We also have a number of fun activities such as house quizzes.

Collaboration with other St James Schools 

Sharing a site with both the Senior Girls’ School allows us to collaborate often on different projects, activities and school events.

Year 9 regularly visit the Nursery after lunch for what we call Buddy Time, when they can read with children, do puzzles or just have free play in the Nursery’s outside area.

Our pupils also visit our Senior Boys’ School in Ashford, Surrey, for activities such as Harry Potter Day, a Nursery Teddy Bear Picnic or the Beginning of Year service.

Parental Involvement

There are lots of different ways parents and carers can get involved and feel part of the school community.

They can attend assemblies, workshops, morning choir, Sanskrit, Calligraphy or art sessions.

Parents can also join The Friends of St James, which represents the social and fundraising arm of all St James Schools. It is run by a committee of parents and a system of Parent Class Coordinators.

The Friends of St James runs a varied programme of events and initiatives throughout the year organised by parent volunteers and our Development Office, from the Prep School regular cake sales to larger events such as the Christmas Fair. These raise funds to enhance the learning and recreational facilities at St James, and contribute towards the Schools’ Bursary Fund.

Where next?

The Pause

At St James, we feel it is important to introduce our pupils to stillness and allow them to discover how to be inwardly free and deeply at ease within themselves. A short period of 5-10 minutes at the beginning and middle of every day is allocated to quietude in which pupils may meditate, contemplate or simply be still – according to their own spiritual inclinations.

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