We are very proud of our school. Visitors speak of the special feeling they get when they walk through the gates. They are impressed by our outdoor space and the bright, airy classrooms. There is a character to our building which has a warmth and a sense of history which sits well with our state of the art facilities. But there is also something which you can only feel when you come in and meet us.

You might choose for your first visit to be a virtual one. We are retaining our virtual tours, held at 10am every Wednesday. In these the Head will talk through  all the elements of the Prep Рthe academic excellence, health and well-being, creative and spiritual. You will have a chance to ask questions and meet other prospective parents. This option is particularly popular with overseas parents but is open to all. The virtual tours present as an excellent taster and first foot.

Once you have completed a registration form for your child, you can then book a tour with the Head. There will be a chance to ask questions as you look around the Prep and afterwards in the Head’s office. As much as possible we like to tour individual families.

Coming into the Prep School building,  and watching us at work is very important. You will pick up on the very special sense of place we have here Рone part calm and focus, the other a buzz and joy for learning. You will feel the sense of community which makes St James Prep so unique, and such a popular choice for parents who want their children to be their best and love learning.