A Finding Tale – Yuchen Year 1

Once upon a time there was a princess. She got a pink and red dress and a yellow crown. She had five bunnies. Her bunnies were pink and the bunnies had an orange crown too.

One day she went down to the park and she walked and she walked and she walked.

Suddenly she saw a shining crown. It was yellow orange.

Unfortunately, when she put the crown on her head there were black clouds and the crown stopped shining so she was sad.

Luckily, a magical wizard came to her with a tall stick and the wizard made a magic spell and made a rainbow.

Finally, the five bunnies, the princess and the kind magical wizard had a barbecue.

RUNNER-UP: Vedansh J


An Information Report – Sam Year 1

Climbing Hamsters

Do you want to know how many climbs a hamster does a night?

What do they eat?

Hamsters only eat vegetables and fruit.

What do hamsters do all the time?

Mostly climb. Go on the hamster wheel to hunt for food. Not very much really.

Where do they live?

Hamsters live in deserts, Europe and Asia.

Fabulous facts:

Did you know instead of cheeks a hamster has pouches!

A hamster does 800 claims a night!

Did you know our summer is a hamsters winter!



Adventure story – Tianna Year 2

Decades and decades ago in a sandy, sandy desert in a rough, rough pyramid in a scary, scary cave lived a strong lion. He was scary. He was frightening. He was petrifying. He could take down 100 pyramids with a sneeze of his big mouth. He could run faster than light and scratch harder than a red panda. He could blow all the sand to another country with his nasty breath. There was nothing so disastrous, so disrespectful as the strong lion.

The next evening a panda called Pam moved into the pyramid next door. Now Pam didn’t care much about the pyramid next door because it was sandy and dark and the next bamboo shop was hundreds and hundreds of metres away. Pam was feeding really upset and to make matters even worse Pam had no bamboo for her dinner so she thought that she would just hop next door to have some.
“Good evening” said Pam, “You wouldn’t mind if I have a bag full of bamboo would you?” Unfortunately, the lion had a secret, a humongous secret, well actually a very tiny secret. He was petrified of pandas. “Roar!” roared the lion the lion and with a stomp of his foot, feeling light-headed, he collapsed on the floor. “Oh man!” said Pam. “No dinner for me then.”

Luckily the Queen was so happy to be free that she gently grabbed Pam’s hand and they both skipped happily back to the royal pyramid where Pam did get her bamboo with some m and m’s, pudding, chocolate, muffins and cupcakes with vanilla icing on. And Pam also got her very own room to call her own to call her home. As for the lion, he was never ever seen again.



A story about loss – Laura Year 3

“I’ve been robbed. I’ve lost my phone.” I shouted “That means I can’t do spelling shed and even worse it’s almost half term so I cannot take photos. Mum, have you seen my phone?”

“No, why would I?”

“Well? can you at least get me another one?”

“I’m busy.” she said.

My brother looked in the pool float box, in our beds and by the garden. I was devastated. My brother was annoyed having to look while I went hiking. I was so sad that I called my friend over to help me. She was very surprised that I had lost it so she volunteered to help me. We almost found it. Instead, it was just my brother’s glasses so she stayed for a sleepover to help find my phone. But in the morning my mum said my phone was really lost because my brother did not take it and if it was not my brother, who could it be?

Anyway, my mum was really mad with me because I blamed my brother. I was suffering from being punished for not doing spelling shed. Anyway I finally convinced my mum to take me to the phone shop but none of them had iPhone 13 Pro Max. I was so annoyed with the shopkeeper. He said that there was only an iPhone 13. I finally convinced my mum to get me a new one so she got me one and I was very happy for the rest of the holiday and we all had a nice half-term, even my brother. I was very happy.



A persuasive letter – Reva Year 4

Dear Troll,

I am writing to say that I know you are a kind, majestic, and brave troll, however, I am also writing to say that over the past few years with me being your neighbour, there have been a few things the whole village is mad at.
Every day when you come home, a disgusting stench is coming from your house! When I wake up in the morning, make my tea and expect to smell the nice scent of mint, instead, I smell the horrible odour coming from your house! Again! This has affected the whole town! Have you considered taking a shower? And at night your snoring keeps the whole town awake! The whole town needs our sleep! The deafening sound of snoring is loud enough to wake the dead! Do you know how hard it is to try to sleep when the sound of thunderous snoring is all I can hear? And do you really think that’s acceptable?
And I don’t know what that little thing you keep as a pet is, but it’s ruining my garden! Years, I’ve spent planting my strawberry patch! Years! And now it’s been torn up by that ‘Pet’ you keep! I’d the gladly buy you a new pet, like a cat!
If you could please listen to this letter and change your ways, we’d very much appreciate it.

Your angry neighbour,




An action scene – Poppy Year 5

Lying lazily in his gloomy, blood-stained lair, was Dragon. He was thinking about the juice-like blood of an innocent little baby bat. The smell of bat the filled the putrid air. He wanted more of it. He needed more!

Out of nowhere, Dragon swooped down and snatched up a new born bat, tearing at its flesh, chewing on its bones and popping the vessels and veins until nothing of the poor bat was left. The cold-hearted beast licked his bloody fangs triumphantly.

Bella was playing hide and seek with her mum and found a cave that she thought looked like a good hiding place. Entering the cave, she stepped on a bone and shrieked, thinking that her mum would find her, but she thought very wrong as to what would find her.

Dragon heard the shriek and swooped down, his talents open, ready to grab her, but his wings beat too loudly. She ducked. Within the blink of an eye Bella snatched up the bone she had stepped on. She smacked, whacked and struck at him. Suddenly, Dragon opened his mouth ready to take a bite, but instantly Bella jabbed the end of the bone into the roof of his mouth. Like a volcano erupting, blood came gushing out of the beast’s mouth. He fell breathless. After what felt like hours, she had finished him. She couldn’t believe it. Her clothes, dripping off her, were covered in blood. She ran to her mum, crying because she thought that she was lost, but the tears in her eyes soon turned to happy tears. They hugged and went home.

RUNNER-UP: Maitreyi D


A persuasive speech – Madu Year 5

Citizens of our entrancing earth. May I have your attention. When garbage clothes clog up your life; when recycling becomes an unspoken word; when people encourage illegal dumping, then we should know it’s time for change. Many things can be reused, but not everybody knows that, so in this speech I will convince you to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Reusing makes a bigger impact than you could ever imagine. Here are some examples. Many less privileged people rely on charities for food, clothing and many more essential things. Young children in hospitals due to unfortunate events, may feel unmotivated, distressed and maybe even depressed. Imagine how much of a difference a comforting handmade toy could bring to the barren white walls of a hospital room.

Next, I will be talking about reducing and recycling. We should all be thankful that we were born in a time where we still have time to change the world; but our children or our children’s children may not have the same privileges. What about our flourishing forests and our precious parks. Do they mean nothing to you? Do you want us to be the last generation to see them? The answer is obvious.

Now, let’s talk about our wondrous wildlife. If more people reduced and recycled, there would be less illegal dumping leading to healthier soil and animals would benefit from the care for the environment. Do you want to lose all this?

Charities may close due to lack of donations. Our environment could suffer. Animals could die because they rely on nature for nutrients and protection. People who work in recycling factories would have no reason to go to work and might lose their jobs. General waste bins may overflow so garbage trucks would have to come round 3 or 4 times a week leading to pollution.

Sensible Samaritans, I trust you will make the right decision. Are we people who want our children not to know the beautiful world today? Are we people who don’t care about the planet? No! We want to reduce, reuse and recycle. If you care about the cause, you will take action now.



Adventure with flashback – Cassie Year 6

Scott slashed at an enormous zombie dog with a spiked collar. The monster roared as the whizzing chainsaw bit into its pale skin. It collapsed, turning to a skeleton, but more took its place. Paralyzed with fear, Scott was taken back to that fateful day…

He had been walking back from school when he had heard a hiss from the Mississippi River. He had peered into the murky water and a pale cat’s face had stared back at him with the prophecy: “Fire shall rid the world of slavering teeth and wild claws.” He had been visited by ancient cats, all of whom had been victim to these hungry monsters – hungry for blood, human and cat blood alike…

He jerked back to the present and ducked, just as a bloody Rottweiler snapped at the air where his head had been. Furled Bracken, the ancient dark ginger Tom beside him, darted forward and gave the blood-dripping monster a vicious bite on the stump of a ripped off foreleg as Scott drew his blade across it’s ugly muzzle. As it roared, it disintegrated into blood-speckled bones.

Scott shook his flame-coloured hair. He rushed forwards just as Chihua, with a hole in its side, showing bones and innards, sank it’s lopsided, yellow teeth into Third Bracken. The ancient cat yowled and disintegrated into dust, a victim to this creature’s vile jaws. “No!” Scott screamed, and suddenly felt a huge burst of energy inside him. He plunged through the monstrous corpses, leaving behind a trail of bones, ash and smoke. Halfway through, Scott blindly noticed a dark ginger cat running beside him. His russet-coloured fur glinting gold in the light – his light. Scott had turned to fire and Furled Bracken’s spirit would always be with him.

Scott blinked open his eyes. He was lying in the room where he fought the zombies, and all that was left of them now was bones. Bracken smiled, blinked and was gone.

Scott walked outside and everyone was outside waiting for him. At the top of the crowd was his mother, and he ran and hugged her. “You saved Manhattan.” she whispered. You are a hero.



Adventure with flashback – Allegra Year 6

The butterflies in Noor’s stomach turned from one butterfly to a million. The fear of being caught was crushing her. Noor could hear the monstrous waves crashing crash against the side of the grimy, worn-down cargo ship. She crouched down even lower in her dark, gloomy corner to make sure no workers spotted her.

CREAK went the wooden stairs. Someone was coming. Would he see her?

“Hey Mate, I heard something down here.” said the worker to his friend. There was no reply. He went back up the stairs to fetch his friend. This was Noors chance. She ran her fastest across the room and leapt into an unoccupied cardboard box meant for shipping. She could hear her heart thumping in her chest. She tried her hardest to remember how she got into such a mess.

Noor had thought it was just a normal day. They had gone to the cemetery to pay their respects to her little brother that morning. Then they had got into the car to drive home but instead of home they had gone to the Syrian harbour. Noor had been confused but when her parents had explained it to her it had all made sense. They had said that living in Syria during the war was not safe and they were sending her as a stowaway on a ship to Italy. Finally, Noor had agreed. She had said her goodbyes, then had gone to the ship.

After endless minutes of walking around, she had found a broken glass window. It had given her an unnoticed entry onto the ship. After that, she had hidden in a dark corner. Noor had constantly heard footsteps above her, but no one had come down the old stairs yet.

So there she was, hiding in a box like she was a spy, hoping not to get noticed.

“Everybody off the ship. Help load in the cargo,” said the captain. The ship had arrived in Italy in the Noor’s new home. The trouble now was getting off the ship. If she was caught, she would be sent right back to Syria as a prisoner. Noor tip-toed quietly to the window which she had come in. “Ugh!” said Noor. Nothing was in her favour! The window had been covered with caution tape. Her only shot was to make a run for it. Then she realised she would get caught instantly so she came up with a new plan. “Hey! Come help me with this box,” shouted Noor to the worker on the deck above her. Three minutes later Noor was dressed up as the worker and he was lying on the floor in his clothes. She made her way off the ship and did not look back. She was free! A shiver went down her spine – the good type. There were no men following her with guns and taking her things. It was her dream to be free, and she had spent most of her childhood fighting for it, but now it was a reality.