Congratulations to all winners and runner-ups of our Whole School Handwriting Competition!

See below for pictures of the entries.

Winner: 50 house points each

Runner-up: 30 house points each

Reception: Arya M Joni H

Rui N

Year 1C: Kyan S Tate O-A

Lavinia P

Year 1L: Charlotte L Gia S-M

Kurnia S

Year 2K: Sophia Y Verity H

Isabelle H

Year 3J: Charley F Romy M-A

Laura D

Year 4E: Salila  Zak D

Felix L

Year 5J: Joshin F Oliver H

Sivaani A

Year 5I: Idriss M Jessica W

Luca F

Year 6N: Sienna T Zoe P

Maia S-M

Year 6S: Pippi M Yakiv Z

Yuxin S