The Enrichment Partnership
February 5, 2024

The Enrichment Partnership

Amy Atkinson, the founder of The Femtrepreneur, visited the school last week and conducted insightful sessions with our pupils. Amy shared her own experiences of adapting her business practices after the lockdown that commenced March 2020. The students found inspiration in her journey of rebuilding her online marketing business.

During the workshop, the Sixth Formers engaged in activities to discover their behavioural traits, gaining an understanding of how businesses leverage these traits to enhance sales. Noteworthy business ideas emerged, including a subscription-based dog bed company and a robot capable of collecting tennis balls!

In a separate session with Year 8 pupils, Amy set the task of designing a product catering to the needs of boys on school trips. The ideas ranged from shoes with replaceable soles to smart backpacks with fingerprint security. The students then pitched their concepts to a “Dragon,” with some securing funding for their ideas while others were encouraged to pursue further product development.

Amy represented The Enrichment Partnership during her visit, bringing valuable insights and practical exercises to enhance the students’ understanding of marketing, entrepreneurship, and product design.

Ms Williams – Head of Business