Meet the Head Boy

I have been part of the St James community for 7 years now, and meeting the new year 7s in their transition into senior school life this year has been particularly nostalgic, as I remember the journey it has taken to get to Year 13.

The reason I joined the school was the community and warm atmosphere you are presented with as you enter the school. Coming from a small primary school and visiting much larger schools before St James, I was immediately drawn in by the smaller, communal nature of the school. I have found that as you move up through the years, as you build relationships with other pupils and teachers, this feeling is amplified. As you progress through the school more and more, windows of opportunity present themselves.

From exposure to different sports and subjects in Year 9 and wonderful trips such as the Alpine Expedition in Year 10 there is always something new and exciting around the corner.

Perhaps the biggest and most exciting change is that of moving into Sixth form life. Sixth form for me really is the most enjoyable part of the school. The amount of unsupervised freedom I experienced going into year 12 was a wonderful change. Whilst at the same time, there is also a wide array of support available for all sixth form students. As an applying medical student I found that whether it by academics or university applications, there has always been advice and encouragement wherever I turned. The smaller classes, individual attention from teachers and being treated as a young adult, make the sixth form a whole new experience from the rest of the school, whilst making the fundamental St James principles of community and comradery feel even stronger. I am so thankful I chose to stay at St James after GCSEs as so much of what I have learned about myself and the others around me has been a result of this wonderful Sixth form experience.

Bart N
Head Boy 

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