School Day

A Typical School Day


Activity Start timeFinish time
Doors Open 7.50
Registration & Quiet period for reflection and meditation 8.15
Quiet period for reflection and meditation ends. 8.25
Assembly/Singing/ Form Starts 8.30
Assembly/Singing/ Form Starts8.50
Period 18:55 9.50
Period 29.5510.50
Period 311.1012.05
Period 412.101.05
Lunch / Activities1.101.50
Registration & Quiet period for reflection and meditation1.552.05
Period 52.053.00
Period 63.054.00
End of Day

Harry’s day

“My typical Tuesday starts at 7:30 with a gym session at the Aspirant Athlete Academy in the school’s strength and conditioning suite. These sessions are led by Mr Wassell, where he devises a programme for us to follow to improve in a specific area of sport. Next stop is form time where we have our first quiet time of the day. This always helps me prepare for the day ahead, using my mindfulness techniques perfected over two years of practice. 

 I start the academic day with Chemistry and History followed by Break, I often take this opportunity to take a walk of the grounds with my friends. It’s then Maths and Geography before lunch.  

Lunch is always busy, with Tuesday being when the Maths clinic is available to help with my GCSE revision and overall subject. In the afternoon it’s GCSE PE and physics before leaving for Cadets. Cadets is from four till six thirty and each evening is varied. Whether it’s perfecting our marksmanship using the air rifles, practicing field craft or learning how to save a life it’s always challenging. Cadets is a perfect way to strengthen our self-discipline and leadership skills.”

–Harry, Year 11

Gobind’s day

“My day begins with challenging my classmates to table tennis, managing to stay as the King of the table before the bell rings for form time. 

My first lesson is Photography where I get to take awesome photos on a Canon SLR and edit them to bring out the different colours and textures. 

Later in Latin, I use Blooket to quiz myself with Latin vocab. Surprising what you can learn when you’re having fun. 

Pizza and fries on the menu today, and a chance to catch up with my friends on the football predictions for the weekend.  

It’s now time for Friday Options and Comic Club where I am able to design my own Manga character for the comic I’m writing. It’s so cool to experiment with different fonts to express each of the characters in the story. 

Another fun week comes to an end when I cross the finish line in cross country running!”

–Gobind, Year 8

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