Beyond the Classroom

Alongside their curriculum-based learning, pupils are given extensive opportunities to enjoy a well-rounded learning experience. 

Activities Week

Our Activities week forms such a distinctive part of the St James education, and we believe is like no other offered in the UK. In the same week pupils from Year 7 to 10 take part in an international travel program.

Our Year 7 remain in the UK, and travel to the beautiful Peak District where they focus on friendship and stepping out of their comfort zone.

Year 8 travel to what was the centre of the Ancient World, the navel of civilisation – Greece.

For Year 9 it is time to walk the walk. The Camino de Santiago in Spain is walked by way of pilgrimage of St James. At the end, pupils may have even found their own path.

Embarking on their final activity week Year 10 travel to Italy to discover the legacy of the Renaissance, they also take time to reflect on their personal legacy.


St James has run a thriving and successful cadet unit for over 30 years with the aim of developing self discipline, team work and leadership.

We do this through a range of exciting and challenging activities throughout the year including; overseas battlefield trips, live firing on ranges, a remembrance service parade and at least one weekend fieldcraft training activity per term. While we do not actively recruit for the military, if a student expresses an interest we are highly successful in supporting them with this.

In recent years we have 3 students apply for the prestigious army scholarship for Sandhurst with all three applications being successful.


We offer a wide range of co- curricular clubs when we run before school, at lunchtime and after school. 

In our Friday club time we offer: Table Tennis, Lego Club, Graphic Design, Role Play, Five aside football, Adventurous Sports.

During the week, we offer Student Council and Eco Committee, Lower School and Upper School Choir, lunch time recitals and even a board game club.

On a Sports level we offer an Aspirant Athlete Academy program in the Sports hall before school, and during lunch time or after school a basketball club and badminton club, climbing, and cricket nets. We pride ourselves in our Cadet program too.

Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh is designed to challenge young people and push them outside the classroom and their own comfort zone.

It is a program that we start in Year 9 with the individual having until they are 25 to complete the award. DofE consists of four components: Volunteering, Skills, Physical and Expedition.

Our Bronze award participants currently have their expeditions in and around the Surrey Hills. This gives them a taste of outdoor life but in a local environment. At the Silver level participants head off for a 3-day / 2-night excursion to the Brecon beacons in south Wales. A challenge as participants in effect live ‘off-grid’ for 3 days.

It is not just about expeditions. The DofE also helps to introduce the boys to volunteering. Serving others is key to the philosophy of St James. Many pupils have now experienced how rewarding and fulfilling it is to volunteer their time to charitable and community groups. We have pupils volunteering to help elderly/vulnerable neighbours, support for homeless, litter picking, sports coaching and many other activities.

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